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Aéroport de Bordeaux Mérignac chooses Kowee and its brand new K-Analytics product, including enriched revenue management dashboards to better control the activity of its car parks!

Car parks represent a major part of the non-aviation revenues for the airports and thus take a significant place in their strategy. To better manage this activity and increase its profitability, Aéroport de Bordeaux Mérignac has chosen K-Analytics by Kowee, the new custom-tailored, cloud-based reporting solution for car park actors around the world. Its advanced analytics display with the highest accuracy the use of each park with daily updated data. Car park managers can easily track the potential for additional revenues, answering questions like: when are the peaks of arrival? When do the most contributive vehicles arrive? A few hours before? Much longer before? Is there a pattern with repeated habits of consumption? Which are the vehicles that contribute to the highest turnover? Which length of stay brings the highest revenue, etc.? With such interactive dashboards and dedicated Revenue Management KPIs, Aéroport de Bordeaux Mérignac is in position to take the best decisions for their 4 parks, 6 700 car spaces and pass holders.

About KOWEE:

KOWEE is a French software editor who proposes solutions for revenue optimization (Revenue Management/Yield Management/Pricing) dedicated to the car park sector. Through consulting missions and its software products, Kowee already helps 8 major European Airports, more than 400 city car parks in France for a total of more than 100 000 parking spaces representing about 50 millions of historical data. With Kowee one-of-a-kind solutions, car park operators increase their revenue by 10% on average.

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Publié le 20 avril 2015