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Kowee is proud to announce the launch of K-Analytics

This solution dedicated to car park managers aims at controlling the revenue distribution of their parks and identifying the potential for revenue & pricing leverages.

When are the peaks of arrival? When do the vehicles that contribute to a full inventory arrive? A few hours before? Much longer before? Is there a pattern with repeated habits of consumption? Which vehicles contribute to the higher turnover? Which length of stay brings the highest revenue, etc.?

K-Analytics, the first analytic tool dedicated to revenue management for car parks provides their managers with the answers to those questions and enables them to align their Marketing and Pricing policies all together. It is sometimes more “revenue contributive” to propose lower tariffs for given customer segments as their global revenue can better contribute than other segments.

Accessible from the cloud, this BI based software solution is enriched with Revenue Management technics and requires no desktop setup.

Thousands of past single tickets are crunched to build the core of K-Analytics. Car Park Managers can then graphically visualize and apprehend the use of their parks via a modern and friendly interface. They can observe the turnover and the entries of their parks, globally or per unit with a customizable scale of time.

Car park managers can eventually rely on a trusty dashboards to control the revenue distribution of their parks and optimize their turnover. They can select the perimeter and let the interactive graphics guide their real time thinking: displaying the demand per weekday vs. . time of arrival, per length of stay, etc. . and quickly pointing the seasonality of the parks. Welcome in the Big Data era!

Publié le 20 mars 2015